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    Surf Ski Quarterly Magazine (1987-1993)

    Surf Ski Quartery was produced by David Butler and John Chistensen about the sport of Waveski Surfing and was equal to any Surfing Magazine in the World. Their high standards for photography and articles made the publication extremely popular.
    The increasing costs of producing the magazine was one of the factors why it ended. In respect to David Butler and John Chistensen please do not copy or distribute the publication past this web site.
    For those that are new to Waveski Surfing and have not seen the publications before, may you get a glimpse into the past highs of Waveski Surfing.
    A special thanks to Jeff Jolly for liasing with John Chistensen for permission to display SSQ on this web site and for completing the scanning of the magazine.

    Volume 1
    No.1    6.8mb
    No.2    6.2mb
    No.3    7mb
    No.4    7mb
    Volume 2
    No.1    7.2mb
    No.2    6.3mb
    No.3    16mb
    No.4    15.7mb
    Volume 3
    No.1    15.4mb
    No.2    17.3mb
    No.3    16.4mb
    No.4    15.1mb
    Volume 4
    No.1    15mb
    No.2    6.2mb
    No.3    7mb
    No.4    15mb
    Volume 5
    No.1    0mb
    No.2    15.6mb
    Volume 6
    No.1    0mb
    No.2    9.3mb

    Waveski Karma Newsletter